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From Felipe Esteves <>
Subject Re: Huge number of Mismatchs in the logs
Date Wed, 30 Jan 2019 18:18:37 GMT
Hi, I've got the same problem
Upgraded from 2.2.11 to 3.11.3 and since then the DEBUG logs shows this

Seems to me that after the repair the messages were reduced a little, but
it's still happening.
In my case is a 3-node cluster, RF3, reads and writes with LOCAL_QUORUM

Felipe Esteves

Tecnologia <>

Tel.: (21) 3504-7162 ramal 57162

Skype: felipe2esteves

Em sáb, 1 de set de 2018 às 01:11, Mun Dega <> escreveu:

> I upgraded from 2.1 to 3.11 and started to get huge number of Digest
> mismatch errors in the DEBUG log.  I ran a full repair in the cluster but
> it did not seem to cut back on these.
> My consistency is QUORUM so my guess is this error is on reads but would
> this also affect my writes to all replicas if my RF is 3?
> DEBUG [ReadRepairStage:1788] 2018-09-01 03:40:41,737
> - Digest mismatch: org.apache.cassandra.service.DigestMismatchException:
> Mismatch for key DecoratedKey(-1046384702160736076,
> 423042334144313738374438) (6df35a84b4f9c1109342c744b84eead9 vs
> ef096894f14a8e2db75ed28396c570d3) at
> org.apache.cassandra.service.DigestResolver.compareResponses(
> ~[apache-cassandra-3.11.2.jar:3.11.2] at
> org.apache.cassandra.service.ReadCallback$
> ~[apache-cassandra-3.11.2.jar:3.11.2] at
> java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
> [na:1.8.0_51] at
> java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$
> [na:1.8.0_51] at
> org.apache.cassandra.concurrent.NamedThreadFactory.lambda$threadLocalDeallocator$0(
> [apache-cassandra-3.11.2.jar:3.11.2] at
> org.apache.cassandra.concurrent.NamedThreadFactory$$Lambda$7/
> Source) [apache-cassandra-3.11.2.jar:3.11.2] at
> [na:1.8.0_51]
> Ma
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