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From Rutvij Bhatt <>
Subject Twcs - clearing accidental out of order writes
Date Sat, 05 Jan 2019 13:33:56 GMT

I have a table with twcs that is currently not able to remove some expires
sstables because it's being blocked by an overlapping no-expired sstable.
>From looking at the content, where the insert timestamp + ttl don't equal
expiration, I think that this is an out of order write through the normal
write path. I don't believe this is due to read repairs as I have read
repairs chance set to 0 on this table.

The blocking sstable's data has expired for business purposes and I am fine
with losing it entirely. The forums seem to indicate that it's reasonable
to stop the node and remove the blocking sstable (rm) along with its
companion files (index, checksum etc) entirely and restart the node. Wanted
to ask and see if that was a reasonable thing to do or if there was a
cleaner alternative.


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