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From shalom sagges <>
Subject Re: Re: High CPU usage on some of the nodes due to message coalesce
Date Sun, 21 Oct 2018 13:22:41 GMT
What takes the most CPU? System or User?
Did you try removing a problematic node and installing a brand new one
(instead of re-adding)?
When you decommissioned these nodes, did the high CPU "move" to other nodes
(probably data model/query issues) or was it completely gone? (server

On Sun, Oct 21, 2018 at 3:52 PM onmstester onmstester
<> wrote:

> I don't think that root cause is related to Cassandra config, because the
> nodes are homogeneous and config for all of them are the same (16GB heap
> with default gc), also mutation counter and Native Transport counter is the
> same in all of the nodes, but only these 3 nodes experiencing 100% CPU
> usage (others have less than 20% CPU usage)
> I even decommissioned these 3 nodes from cluster and re-add them, but
> still the same
> The cluster is OK without these 3 nodes (in a state that these nodes are
> decommissioned)
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> From : Chris Lohfink <>
> To : <>
> Date : Sat, 20 Oct 2018 23:24:03 +0330
> Subject : Re: High CPU usage on some of the nodes due to message coalesce
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> 1s young gcs are horrible and likely cause of *some* of your bad metrics.
> How large are your mutations/query results and what gc/heap settings are
> you using?
> You can use to see the threads
> generating allocation pressure and using the cpu (ttop) and what garbage is
> being created (hh --dead-young).
> Just a shot in the dark, I would *guess* you have rather large mutations
> putting pressure on commitlog and heap. G1 with a larger heap might help in
> that scenario to reduce fragmentation and adjust its eden and survivor
> regions to the allocation rate better (but give it a bigger reserve space)
> but theres limits to what can help if you cant change your workload.
> Without more info on schema etc its hard to tell but maybe that can help
> give you some ideas on places to look. It could just as likely be repair
> coordination, wide partition reads, or compactions so need to look more at
> what within the app is causing the pressure to know if its possible to
> improve with settings or if the load your application is producing exceeds
> what your cluster can handle (needs more nodes).
> Chris
> On Oct 20, 2018, at 5:18 AM, onmstester onmstester <
>> wrote:
> 3 nodes in my cluster have 100% cpu usage and most of it is used by
> org.apache.cassandra.util.coalesceInternal and
> The most active threads are the messaging-service-incomming.
> Other nodes are normal, having 30 nodes, using Rack Aware strategy. with
> 10 rack each having 3 nodes. The problematic nodes are configured for one
> rack, on normal write load, system.log reports too many hint message
> dropped (cross node). also there are alot of parNewGc with about 700-1000ms
> and commit log isolated disk, is utilized about 80-90%. on startup of these
> 3 nodes, there are alot of "updateing topology" logs (1000s of them
> pending).
> Using iperf, i'm sure that network is OK
> checking NTPs and mutations on each node, load is balanced among the nodes.
> using apache cassandra 3.11.2
> I can not not figure out the root cause of the problem, although there are
> some obvious symptoms.
> Best Regards
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