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From Oleksandr Shulgin <>
Subject Re: Re: how to configure the Token Allocation Algorithm
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2018 10:23:37 GMT
On Mon, Oct 1, 2018 at 12:18 PM onmstester onmstester <>

> What if instead of running that python and having one node with non-vnode
> config, i remove the first seed node and re-add it after cluster was fully
> up ? so the token ranges of first seed node would also be assigned by
> Allocation Alg

I think this is tricky because the random allocation of the very first
tokens from the first seed affects the choice of tokens made by the
algorithm on the rest of the nodes: it basically tries to divide the token
ranges in more or less equal parts.  If your very first 8 tokens resulted
in really bad balance, you are not going to remove that imbalance by
removing the node, it would still have the lasting effect on the rest of
your cluster.


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