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From Martin Mačura <>
Subject Anticompaction causing significant increase in disk usage
Date Wed, 12 Sep 2018 09:14:17 GMT
we're on cassandra 3.11.2 . During an anticompaction after repair,
TotalDiskSpaceUsed value of one table gradually went from 700GB to
1180GB, and then suddenly jumped back to 700GB.  This happened on all
nodes involved in the repair. There was no change in PercentRepaired
during or after this process. SSTable count is currently 857, with a
peak of 2460 during the repair.

Table is using TWCS with 1-day time window.  Most daily SSTables are
around 1 GB but the oldest one is 156 GB - caused by a major
compaction.  [CompactionExecutor:9923] 2018-09-10
15:29:54,238 - [repair
#88c36e30-b4cb-11e8-bebe-cd3efd73ed33] Starting anticompaction for ...
on 519 [...]  SSTables
system.log:INFO  [CompactionExecutor:9923] 2018-09-12 00:29:39,262 - Anticompaction completed successfully,
anticompacted from 0 to 518 sstable(s).

What could be the cause of the temporary increase, and how can we
prevent it?  We are concerned about running out of disk space soon.

Thanks for any help


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