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From Vitaliy Semochkin <>
Subject apache cassandra development process and future
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2018 11:39:12 GMT

Recently Cassandra eco system became very fragmented:

Scylladb provides solution based on Cassandra wire protocol claiming
it is 10 times faster than Cassandra.

Datastax provides it's own solution called DSE claiming it is twice
faster than Cassandra.
Also their site says "DataStax no longer supports the DataStax
Community version of Apache Cassandraâ„¢ or the DataStax Distribution of
Apache Cassandraâ„¢.
Is their new software incompatible with Cassandra?
Since Datastax used to be the major participant to Cassandra
development and now it looks it goes on is own way, what is going to
be with the Apache Cassandra?
If there are any other active participants in development?

I'm also interested which distribution is the most popular at the
moment in production?

Best Regards,

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