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From Jonathan Haddad <>
Subject Re: Solve Busy pool at Cassandra side
Date Sun, 13 May 2018 13:21:32 GMT
This error comes from com.datastax.driver.core.HostConnectionPool#enqueue,
which is the client side pool.  Cassandra can handle more requests, the
application needs to be fixed.

As per the java docs:

 * Indicates that a connection pool has run out of available connections.
 * <p/>
 * This happens if the pool has no connections (for example if it's
currently reconnecting to its host), or if all
 * connections have reached their maximum number of in flight queries. The
query will be retried on the next host in the
 * {@link
Statement) query plan}.
 * <p/>
 * This exception is a symptom that the driver is experiencing a high
workload. If it happens regularly on all hosts,
 * you should consider tuning one (or a combination of) the following
pooling options:
 * <ul>
 * <li>{@link
int)}: maximum number of
 * requests per connection;</li>
 * <li>{@link
int)}: maximum number of
 * connections in the pool;</li>
 * <li>{@link
com.datastax.driver.core.PoolingOptions#setMaxQueueSize(int)}: maximum
number of enqueued requests before
 * this exception is thrown.</li>
 * </ul>

Using a third party lib is a bit of a pain, but with a little effort you
can modify the session no matter where it is.  It's possible to access and
modify private variables in the JVM, the Apache Commons library has a
module just for that:

I wrote an article with some detail here:

If you're not sure where the session is, fire up your program with a
debugger and go look for it.  You can also find it using the Reflections
library ( by
using getSubTypesOf(com.datastax.driver.core.Session).

Once you have the session you can bump up setMaxRequestsPerConnection.

This will allow you to circumvent the current issue, but you might run into
another - the client may be creating async requests without considering the
in flight queries, which isn't very smart.  Ideally it would either use a
Semaphore to limit the number of in flight or simply do SOME_SMALL_NUMBER
of queries at a time and wait for the ResultSetFuture to complete.  This is
in the FAQ of the driver:

Hope this helps,

On Sun, May 13, 2018 at 8:29 AM onmstester onmstester <>

> Hi,
> I'm getting "Pool is Busy (limit is 256)", while connecting to a single
> node cassandra cluster. The whole client side application is a 3rd-party lib
> which i can't change it's source and its session builder is not using any
> PoolingOptions.
> Is there any config on cassandra side that could handle increasing max
> requests per connections from 256 to 32K?
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