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From "Steinmaurer, Thomas" <>
Subject nodetool (2.1.18) - Xmx, ParallelGCThreads, High CPU usage
Date Mon, 28 May 2018 14:43:49 GMT

on a quite capable machine with 32 physical cores (64 vCPUs) we see sporadic CPU usage up
to 50% caused by nodetool on this box, thus digged a bit further. A few observations:

1) nodetool is reusing the $MAX_HEAP_SIZE environment variable, thus if we are running Cassandra
with e.g. Xmx31G, nodetool is started with Xmx31G as well
2) As -XX:ParallelGCThreads is not explicitly set upon startup, this basically defaults to
a value dependent on the number of cores. In our case, with the machine above, the number
of parallel GC threads for the JVM is set to 43!
3) Test-wise, we have adapted the nodetool startup script in a way to get a Java Flight Recording
file on JVM exit, thus with each nodetool invocation we can inspect a JFR file. Here we may
have seen System.gc() calls (without visible knowledge where they come from), GC times for
the entire JVM life-time (e.g. ~1min) showing high cpu. This happened for both Xmx128M (default
as it seems) and Xmx31G

After explicitly setting -XX:ParallelGCThreads=1 in the nodetool startup script, CPU usage
spikes by nodetool are entirely gone.

Is this something which has been already adapted/tackled in Cassandra versions > 2.1 or
worth to be considered as some sort of RFC?


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