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From Ali Hubail <>
Subject Re: Schema disagreement
Date Mon, 30 Apr 2018 21:03:20 GMT

What steps have you performed to add the new DC? Have you tried to follow 
certain procedures like this?

Node can appear offline to other nodes for various reasons. It would help 
greatly to know what steps you have taken in order to know why you're 
facing this

Ali Hubail

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Gábor Auth <> 
04/30/2018 03:40 PM
Please respond to

"" <>, 

Re: Schema disagreement


On Mon, Apr 30, 2018 at 11:39 AM Gábor Auth <> wrote:
've just tried to add a new DC and new node to my cluster (3 DCs and 10 
nodes) and the new node has a different schema version:

Is it normal? Node is marked down but doing a repair successfully?

WARN  [MigrationStage:1] 2018-04-30 20:36:56,579 - 
Can't send schema pull request: node /x.x.216.121 is down.
INFO  [AntiEntropyStage:1] 2018-04-30 20:36:56,611 - 
[repair #323bf873-4cb6-11e8-bdd5-5feb84046dc9] Sending completed merkle 
tree to /x.x.216.121 for keyspace.table

The `nodetool status` is looking good:
UN  x.x.216.121  959.29 MiB  32           ? 
      322e4e9b-4d9e-43e3-94a3-bbe012058516  RACK01

Gábor Auth

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