Hello Salvatore,

I used SPM Sematext that had this feature already 3 or 4 years ago I believe. SPM offers some out of the box dashboards for Cassandra. See https://sematext.com/spm/

More recently we built some templates for Cassandra in Data Dog that I believe should show the most important metrics and hopefully in a usable/efficient way for alerting and troubleshooting. If this is of interest, check https://www.datadoghq.com/blog/tlp-cassandra-dashboards/. Datadog provides anomaly detection for a while too: https://www.datadoghq.com/blog/introducing-anomaly-detection-datadog/.

If you choose Datadog, adding anomaly detection to the overview dashboard charts is probably a good starting point.

The tools mentioned above are commercial solutions. I am not sure about which open source stacks could provide this feature.

That being said, looking from time to time to the dashboards (at least) and setting alerts using the standard 'thresholds' was often enough. I did not make real use of anomaly detections, even though there are probably interesting things that can be done on alerting with this feature.

Hope that helps,

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2018-03-13 10:07 GMT+00:00 Rahul Singh <rahul.xavier.singh@gmail.com>:
I’ve used OpsCenter, New Relic, Splunk, and ELK and all of them have ways to visualize what’s going on. Eventually I just forked a cfstats2csv python program and started making formatted excel files which made it easy to spot anomalies and filter keyspaces / tables across nodes. I have some basic anomaly detection based on std. deviation but it’s only a static snapshot based detection. I think you want something that may be looking at the time series of the whole dataset.

Regardless cfstats , tpstats are good places to see
What’s going on and then determine what you need to monitor via other tools.

Rahul Singh

Anant Corporation

On Mar 12, 2018, 10:02 PM -0400, Fernando Ipar <ipar.fernando@gmail.com>, wrote:
Hello Salvatore, 

On Mon, Mar 12, 2018 at 2:12 PM, D. Salvatore <dd.salvatore@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Rahul,
I was mainly thinking about performance anomaly detection but I am also interested in other types such as fault detection, data or queries anomalies.

I know VividCortex (http://vividcortex.com) supports Cassandra (2.1 or greater) and I also know it does automatic (they call it adaptive) fault detection for MySQL. I took a quick look at their website and could not find an explicit list of features they support for Cassandra but it's possible that fault detection is one of them too, so if SaaS is an option I'd recommend you take a look at them. 


Fernando Ipar