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From "D. Salvatore" <>
Subject Read latency
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2018 14:52:51 GMT
Hello everyone,
I am benchmarking a Cassandra installation on Azure composed of 4 nodes
(Standard_D2S_V3 - 2vCPU and 8GB ram) with a replication factor of 2.
To benchmark this testbed, I am using a single YCSB instance with the
workload C (100% read request), a Consistency level ONE and only 10 clients
( so very low load).

However, I founded that the average latency gathered by YCSB is much
different from the one obtained from the JMX
I ran the workload for over an hour and:
- YCSB returns around 4000 us as average latency
- JMX returns around 780 us as average latency

It is a quite an important difference in performance that I don't know how
to justify.
Do you have any idea from where this difference comes from?

Regarding the throughput, the value is the same across both the reading

Thank in advance

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