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From milenko markovic <>
Subject SSH remote access,permissions issue
Date Wed, 07 Feb 2018 10:01:22 GMT
My friend has installed 4 nodes at his server in Norway.I wanted to add new nodes to cluster.I
have logged in with ssh and password.ssh pi3@ -p 22022

Last login: Wed Feb  7 06:59:05 2018 from

Later sudo su,and have repeated 100% exactly the same operations as he did.When I go for
 nodetool statususage: nodetool [(-h <host> | --host <host>)] [(-p <port>
| --port <port>)]        [(-u <username> | --username <username>)] 
      [(-pw <password> | --password <password>)]        [(-pwf <passwordFilePath>
| --password-file <passwordFilePath>)] <command>        [<args>]
The most commonly used nodetool commands are:    assassinate                  Forcefully
remove a dead node without re-replicating any data.  Use as a last resort if you cannot removenode 
  bootstrap                    Monitor/manage node's bootstrap process

It happens the same with any other nodetool command.less /etc/passwd
Why? User cassandra shell is not enabled?How to change Cassandra permissions?Is this related
to remote accesss?He can add nodes without any problems.

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