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From "Kenneth Brotman" <>
Subject Cassandra Needs to Grow Up by Version Five!
Date Mon, 19 Feb 2018 05:39:01 GMT
Cassandra feels like an unfinished program to me.  The problem is not that
it's open source or cutting edge.  It's an open source cutting edge program
that lacks some of its basic functionality.  We are all stuck addressing
fundamental mechanical tasks for Cassandra because the basic code that would
do that part has not been contributed yet.

Ease of use issues need to be given much more attention.  For an
administrator, the ease of use of Cassandra is very poor.  

Furthermore, currently Cassandra is an idiot.  We have to do everything for
Cassandra. Contrast that with the fact that we are in the dawn of artificial

Software exists to automate tasks for humans, not mechanize humans to
administer tasks for a database.  I'm an engineering type.  My job is to
apply science and technology to solve real world problems.  And that's where
I need an organization's I.T. talent to focus; not in crank starting an
unfinished database.

For example, I should be able to go to any node, replace the Cassandra.yaml
file and have a prompt on the display ask me if I want to update all the
yaml files across the cluster.  I shouldn't have to manually modify yaml
files on each node or have to create a script for some third party
automation tool to do it.  

I should not have to turn off service, clear directories, restart service in
coordination with the other nodes.  It's already a computer system.  It can
do those things on its own.

How about read repair.  First there is something wrong with the name.  Maybe
it should be called Consistency Repair.  An administrator shouldn't have to
do anything.  It should be a behavior of Cassandra that is programmed in. It
should consider the GC setting of each node, calculate how often it has to
run repair, when it should run it so all the nodes aren't trying at the same
time and when other circumstances indicate it should also run it.

Certificate management should be automated.

Cluster wide management should be a big theme in any next major release.
What is a major release?  How many major releases could a program have
before all the coding for basic stuff like installation, configuration and
maintenance is included!

Finish the basic coding of Cassandra, make it easy to use for
administrators, make is smart, add cluster wide management.  Keep Cassandra
competitive or it will soon be the old Model T we all remember fondly.

I ask the Committee to compile a list of all such items, make a plan, and
commit to including the completed and tested code as part of major release
5.0.  I further ask that release 4.0 not be delayed and then there be an
unusually short skip to version 5.0. 

Kenneth Brotman

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