You should run “primary range” repairs on all nodes. That will go a lot faster than full repair. In C* 2x you can do this in parallel.. you can determine how many you can run at the same time.. basically how much pressure you can put on ur system.




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Periodically I have been running Full repair process befor GC Grace period as mentioned in the best practices.Initially, all went well but as the data size increases Repair duration has increased drastically and we are also facing Query timeouts during that time and we have tried incremental repair facing some OOM issues.


After running a repair process for more than 80 Hours we have ended up with the question


why can't we run a repair process if and only if a Cassandra node got a downtime? 


Say if there is no downtime during a GC grace period Do we still face Inconsistency among nodes? if yes, then doesn't Hinted Handoff handle those? 


Cluster Info: Having two DataCenter with 8 machines each with a disk size of 1TB, C* v_2.1.13  and having around 420GB data each.


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