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From Robert Emery <>
Subject RequestResponseStage Threadpool
Date Wed, 24 Jan 2018 09:57:57 GMT

We have our Cassandra 2.1 cluster being monitored by checking the JMX
on the org.apache.cassandra.metrics type=ThreadPools bean

We've got a threshold of 15 for warnings as per however we
don't know if this is a sensible warning threshold as this does
occasionally warn at the moment however there is no real obvious cause
in the Cassandra logs.

So 2 questions:

- What does this thread-pool actually do? All the examples are so
abstract i.e. "executes callbacks"; my understanding is that if a
client queries the cluster and then never reads the result it would be
in the RequestResponseStage Pending until it times out?

- Is there any tracing or similar that can be used to inspect the
content of the thread-pool so we can see what it actually is that's

Robert Emery



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