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From Octavian Rinciog <>
Subject Best compaction strategy for counters tables
Date Wed, 17 Jan 2018 16:14:44 GMT
I am using Cassandra 3.10.
I have a counter table, with the following schema and RF=1

    src_id text,
    src_type text,
    source text
    weight counter,
    PRIMARY KEY ((src_id, src_type), source)

SELECT vs UPDATE requests ratio for this table is 0.1
READ vs WRITE rate, given by iostat is 100:1.
Counter cache hit rate is 80%, so only for 20% UPDATE requests, the
hard-disk is touched.

I want to ask you which compation strategy is best for this table
(SizeTieredCompactionStrategy or

Thank you,
Octavian Rinciog

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