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From Jürgen Albersdorfer <>
Subject Not what I‘ve expected Performance
Date Tue, 30 Jan 2018 21:05:34 GMT
Hi, We are using C* 3.11.1 with a 9 Node Cluster built on CentOS Servers eac=
h having 2x Quad Core Xeon, 128GB of RAM and two separate 2TB spinning Disks=
, one for Log one for Data with Spark on Top.

Due to bad Schema (Partitions of about 4 to 8 GB) I need to copy a whole Tab=
le into another having same fields but different partitioning.=20

I expected glowing Iron when I started the copy Job, but instead cannot even=
See some Impact on CPU, mem or disks. - but the Job does copy the Data over=
veeerry slowly at about a MB or two per Minute.

Any suggestion where to start investigation?

Thanks already

Von meinem iPhone gesendet

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