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You generally can’t run rebuild to upgrade, because it’s a streaming operation.  Streaming isn’t supported between versions, although on 3.x it might work.

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Thanks! I am aware with these steps.

I m just thinking , is it possible to do the upgrade using nodetool rebuild like  we rebuld new dc ?

Has anyone tried -  upgrade with nodetool rebuild ?

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If you want to do a version upgrade, you need to basically do follow node by node:

0) stop repairs
1) make sure your sstables are at the latest version (nodetool upgradesstables can do it)
2) stop cassandra
3) update cassandra software and update cassandra.yaml and cassandra-env.sh files
4) start cassandra

After all nodes are up, run “nodetool upgradesstables” on each node to update your sstables to the latest version.

Also please note that when you upgrade, you need to upgrade only between compatible versions.

E.g. 2.2.x -> 3.0.x  but not 1.2 to 3.11


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Hi - 

Is it possible to upgrade a  cluster ( DC wise) using nodetool rebuild ? 

Anshu V

Anshu V