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From Fd Habash <>
Subject When Replacing a Node, How to Force a Consistent Bootstrap
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2017 21:38:51 GMT
Assume I have cluster of 3 nodes (A,B,C). Row x was written with CL=LQ to node A and B. Before
it was written to C, node B crashes. I replaced B and it bootstrapped data from node C.

Now, row x is missing from C and B.  If node A crashes, it will be replaced and it will bootstrap
from either C or B. As such, row x is now completely gone from the entire ring. 

Is this scenario possible at all (at least in C* < 3.0). 

How can a newly replaced node be forced to bootstrap from the node in the replica set that
has the most recent data? 

Otherwise, we have to repair a node immediately after bootstrapping it for a node replacement.

Thank you

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