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From Anshu Vajpayee <>
Subject How quickly we can bootstrap
Date Fri, 17 Nov 2017 18:02:10 GMT
Cassandra supports elastic scalability  - meaning on demand we can increase
or decrease #of nodes as per scaling demand from the application.

Let's consider we have 5 node cluster and each node has data pressure of
about 3 TB.

Now as per sudden load, we want to add 1 node in the cluster  as quick as

Please suggest what would be the fastest method to add the new node on
cluster? Normal bootstrapping will definitely take time because it needs to
stream at least 2.5 TB ( 5*3TB/6 nodes) from 5 nodes.  Please
consider multi-core machines & 10 Gpbs card .

Streaming throughput can help but not much.

The similar requirement can come when we want to replace the failed node
due to any hardware.

Please suggest any best practice or scenarios to deal with above

Scaling is good but how quickly we can scale is another thing to consider.

*Anshu V*

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