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From Bruce Tietjen <>
Subject Cassandra 3.11.0 compaction attempting impossible to complete compactions
Date Fri, 13 Oct 2017 23:24:26 GMT
We are new to Cassandra and have built a test cluster and loaded some data
into the cluster.

We are seeing compaction behavior that seems to violate what we read about
it's behavior.

Our cluster is configured with JBOD with 3 3.6T disks. Those disks
currently respectively have the following used/available space:
Disk          Used             Available
sdb1          1.8T                 1.7T
sdc1          1.8T                1.6T
sdd1           1.5T                2.0T

nodetool compactionstats -H reports that the compaction system is
attempting to do a compaction that has a total of 6.83T

The system hasn't had that much free space since sometime after we started
loading data and there has never been that much free space on a single
disk, so why would it ever attempt such a compaction?

What have we done wrong, or am I reading this wrong?

We have seen the same behavior on most of our 8 nodes.

Can anyone tell us what is happening or what we have done wrong?


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