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From shalom sagges <>
Subject User Defined Compaction Issue
Date Mon, 25 Sep 2017 18:10:49 GMT
Hi Everyone,

I'm running into an issue I can't seem to Solve.

I execute force compaction in order to reclaim back storage.
Everything was working fine for a time, but after a while I found that
tombstones aren't being removed any longer.

For example, I've compacted the following SSTable:
*21G *Sep 19 10:18 file-jb-69103-Data.db
Estimated droppable tombstones:

I ran it with jmxterm and the compaction started and completed
 $>run -b org.apache.cassandra.db:type=CompactionManager
forceUserDefinedCompaction file-jb-69103-Data.db
 #calling operation forceUserDefinedCompaction of mbean
 #operation returns:

A new SStable was created, but no tombstones were removed.
 *21G *Sep 25 12:16 file-jb-71319-Data.db
 Estimated droppable tombstones:

* 0.9115601492568154*
I've tried running it from jconsole as well, but the outcome was the same.

Is anyone familiar with this issue?
Btw, this cluster is on version 2.0.14 .


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