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From Xin Jin <>
Subject Poor Performance of Cassandra UDF/UDA
Date Tue, 26 Sep 2017 18:22:33 GMT
Hi All,

I am new to the Cassandra community and  thank you in advance for your kindly comments on
an issue we met recently.

We have found that running query with direct UDF execution is ten time more faster than the
async UDF execution. The in-line comment: "Using async UDF execution is expensive (adds about
100us overhead per invocation on a Core-i7 MBPr)”
show that this is a known behavior.  My questions are as below:

1. What are the main pros and cons of these two methods? Can I find any documents that discuss

2. Are there any plans to improve the performance of using async UDF? A simple way come to
my mind is to use some sort of batch method, e.g., replace current row by row method with
some rows by some rows. Are there any concerns on this?

3. How people solve this performance issue in general? It seems this performance issue is
not an urgent or an important issue to solve because it is known and it is still there. Therefore
people must have some sort of good solution solving this issue.

4. Can anyone share your experience on a solution for this?

I really appreciate your comments in advance.

Best regards,

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