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From Jeff Jirsa <>
Subject Re: GC/CPU increase after upgrading to 3.0.14 (from 2.1.18)
Date Fri, 15 Sep 2017 11:13:42 GMT
Most people find 3.0 slightly slower than 2.1. The only thing that really stands out in your
email is the huge change in 95% latency - that's atypical. Are you using thrift or native
9042)?  The decrease in compression metadata offheap usage is likely due to the increased
storage efficiency of the storage engine (see Cassandra-8099).

Jeff Jirsa

> On Sep 15, 2017, at 2:37 AM, Steinmaurer, Thomas <>
> Hello,
> we have a test (regression) environment hosted in AWS, which is used for auto deploying
our software on a daily basis and attach constant load across all deployments. Basically to
allow us to detect any regressions in our software on a daily basis.
> On the Cassandra-side, this is single-node in AWS, m4.xlarge, EBS gp2, 8G heap, CMS.
The environment has also been upgraded from Cassandra 2.1.18 to 3.0.14 at a certain point
in time. Without running upgradesstables so far. We have not made any additional JVM/GC configuration
change when going from 2.1.18 to 3.0.14 on our own, thus, any self-made configuration changes
(e.g. new gen heap size) for 2.1.18 are also in place with 3.0.14.
> What we see after a time-frame of ~ 7 days (so, e.g. should not be caused by some sort
of spiky compaction pattern) is an AVG increase in GC/CPU (most likely correlating):
> ·         CPU: ~ 12% => ~ 17%
> ·         GC Suspension: ~ 1,7% => 3,29%
> In this environment not a big deal, but relatively we have a CPU increase of ~ 50% (with
increased GC most likely contributing). Something we have deal with when going into production
(going into larger, multi-node loadtest environments first though).
> Beside the CPU/GC shift, we also monitor the following noticeable changes (don’t know
if they somehow correlate with the CPU/GC shift above):
> ·         Increased AVG Write Client Requests Latency (95th Percentile), org.apache.cassandra.metrics.ClientRequest.Latency.Write:
6,05ms => 29,2ms, but almost constant (no change in) write client request latency for our
particular keyspace only, org.apache.cassandra.metrics.Keyspace.ruxitdb.WriteLatency
> ·         Compression metadata memory usage drop, org.apache.cassandra.metrics.Keyspace.XXX.
CompressionMetadataOffHeapMemoryUsed: ~218MB => ~105MB => Good or bad? Known?
> I know, looks all a bit vague, but perhaps someone else has seen something similar when
upgrading to 3.0.14 and can share their thoughts/ideas. Especially the (relative) CPU/GC increase
is something we are curious about.
> Thanks a lot.
> Thomas
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