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From Russell Bateman <>
Subject The future: Java 9 and the disappearance of CLASSPATH
Date Thu, 21 Sep 2017 17:00:18 GMT
We're very new to Cassandra.

We implement org.apache.index.Indexdropping a JAR containing our 
custom-index service into Cassandra's /lib/ subdirectory because this 
subdirectory is on the classpath. It's early days yet, but I thought I'd 
ask about the plans for Java 9 given that Jigsaw sort of closes the door 
on classpath (though it doesn't shut and lock it absolutely).

What are Cassandra's plans in this direction? Do I have anything to fear 
long-term? Given the importance of Stratio's Lucene index extension, 
which uses this mechanism too, I'd guess no one wants to do anything 
that would destroy that either, but I need to ask.

Many thanks,


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