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From Rudi Bruchez <>
Subject Re: timeouts on counter tables
Date Sun, 03 Sep 2017 20:09:31 GMT
Le 28/08/2017 à 03:30, kurt greaves a écrit :
> If every node is a replica it sounds like you've got hardware issues. 
> Have you compared iostat to the "normal" nodes? I assume there is 
> nothing different in the logs on this one node?
> Also sanity check, you are using DCAwareRoundRobinPolicy?
> ​

Thanks for the answer, I had to concentrate on other things for a few 
days, I'm back to that problem.

The PHP Driver call is :

0, false)->withTokenAwareRouting(true)->withSchemaMetadata(true);

After that, the call is done like this :

$result = $cassandra->execute(new Cassandra\SimpleStatement($query));
$cassandrasession->executeAsync($this->queryPrepared, array('arguments' 
=> $values));

Could the async call put too much pressure on the server ? Calls from 11 
client machines.

Thanks !

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