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From Vincent Rischmann>
Subject Interrogation about expected performance
Date Fri, 22 Sep 2017 12:44:43 GMT

we recently added a new 5 node cluster used only for a single service,
and right now it's not even read from, we're just loading data into it.
Each node are identical: 32Gib of RAM, 4 core Xeon E5-1630, 2 SSDs in
Raid 0, Cassandra v3.11
We have two tables with roughly this schema:

   app_id text,
   partition int,
   install_id uuid,
   counts map<bigint, smallint>,
   PRIMARY KEY ((app_id, partition), install_id)

CREATE TABLE by_install_id(
   app_id text,
   install_id uuid,
   counts map<bigint, smallint>,
   PRIMARY KEY ((install_id))

We're processing events, and each event triggers a write to both
these tables.
Right now according to my metrics we can't quite get above 200k
writes/sec (around 100k/s per table).I'm wondering if these numbers seem reasonable or if
they're low.

I'm considering changing the data model to not have a map anymore but
that would make the selection more complicated so before doing that I'd
like to have your opinions.

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