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From kurt greaves <>
Subject Re: Cassandra isn't compacting old files
Date Tue, 22 Aug 2017 00:07:59 GMT
Sorry about that Sotirios, I didn't make the connection between the two
threads and this one dropped off my radar.

> Is it possible that there's always a compaction to be run in the
> "repaired" state, with that many SSTables, that unrepaired compactions are
> essentially "starved", considering the WrappingCompactionStrategy prioritizes
> the "repaired" set?

Not really as the code prioritises whichever pool has the most pending
tasks. See here
Besides, the repaired pool will only increase if you actually run repairs,
so there is only a limited set of data that can be compacted between

Cassandra has been known to leave some file handles open on occasion, I
assume you've restarted Cassandra to see if it clears out the files that
are invalid (the ones that only have Data and Index)?

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