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From kurt greaves <>
Subject Re: Dropping down replication factor
Date Sun, 13 Aug 2017 21:52:50 GMT
On 14 Aug. 2017 00:59, "Brian Spindler" <> wrote:

Do you think with the setup I've described I'd be ok doing that now to
recover this node?

The node died trying to run the scrub; I've restarted it but I'm not sure
it's going to get past a scrub/repair, this is why I deleted the other
files as a brute force method.  I think I might have to do the same here
and then kick off a repair if I can't just replace it?

is it just opscenter keyspace that has corrupt sstables? if so I wouldn't
worry about repairing too much. If you can get that third node in C to join
I'd say your best bet is to just do that until you have enough nodes in C.
Dropping and increasing RF is pretty risky on a live system.

It sounds to me like you stand a good chance of getting the new nodes in C
to join so I'd pursue that before trying anything more complicated

Doing the repair on the node that had the corrupt data deleted should be

Yes. as long as you also deleted corrupt SSTables on any other nodes that
had them.

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