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From Fd Habash <>
Subject Replacing a Seed Node
Date Thu, 03 Aug 2017 13:00:34 GMT
Hi all …
I know there is plenty of docs on how to replace a seed node, but some are steps are contradictory
e.g. need to remote the node from seed list for entire cluster. 

My cluster has 6 nodes with 3 seeds running C* 2.8. One seed node was terminated by AWS. 

I came up with this procedure. Did I miss anything …

1) Remove the node (decomm or removenode) based on its current status
2) Remove the node from its own seed list
a. No need to remove it from other nodes. My cluster has 3 seeds
3) Restart C* with auto_bootstrap = true
4) Once autobootstrap is done, re-add the node as seed in its own Cassandra.yaml again
5) Restart C* on this node
6) No need to restart other nodes in the cluster

Thank you

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