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From Micha <>
Subject UndeclaredThrowableException, C* 3.11
Date Wed, 02 Aug 2017 07:09:04 GMT

has someone experienced this?

I added a fourth node to my cluster, after the boostrap I changed RP
from 2 to 3 and ran nodetool repair on the new node.

A few hours later the repair command exited with the
UndeclaredThrowableException and the node was down.

In the logs I don't see a reason for the exception or shutdown.
How can I know that the repair was successful?

There are messages with the repair id and "Session with... is complete"
and "All sessions completed" and "Sync completed using session..."

Is this an indicate for a completed repair?

The output of nodetool info shows "percent Repaired 26.18....%"   Should
this be 100% after a completed repair?


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