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From "Jeff Jirsa"<>
Subject Re: Cassandra 2.2.6 Fails to Boot Up correctly - JNA Class
Date Thu, 20 Jul 2017 03:46:58 GMT

On 2017-07-19 10:41 (-0700), William Boutin <> wrote: 
> We are running apache-cassandra-2.2.6 for months with no JNA startup issues.
> Recently, we have updated some of our cassandra machines and we ran into a Cassandra
startup issue with JNA. See the stack trace 1 below.
> Question 1: Our Cassandra package contains jna-4.0.0.jar in the /usr/share/cassandra/lib/
directory. Does apache-cassandra-2.2.6 specifically package A-C* with the jna-4.0.0.jar ?

Yes, we explicitly bundle jna-4.0.0.jar for 2.2.6 

This is unchanged in 2.2 since
( Jan 2014, when it was cassandra 2.1 beta).

Is the jar missing? Did another version of jna get installed? If a system package got installed,
you may have multiple versions in the classpath. 

> I tried to circumvent the exception by yum installing  jna-3.2.4.jar for RHEL 6.4 and
adding it to the /usr/share/cassandra/lib/ directory. This got me past the JNA mlockall failure
with "INFO  16:56:47 JNA mlockall successful" but when the MemtableFlushWriter requested memory
allocation, I now get the STACK TRACE 2 error. "nodetool status" still reports the node as

Installing 3.2.4 is probably not going to work (as hinted in my earlier paragraph); you almost
certainly want 4.0 or newer, and you should probably want exactly one jna jar in the classpath
at any given time.

- Jeff

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