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From "Kevin O'Connor" <>
Subject Truncate data from a single node
Date Wed, 12 Jul 2017 03:09:24 GMT
This might be an interesting question - but is there a way to truncate data
from just a single node or two as a test instead of truncating from the
entire cluster? We have time series data we don't really care if we're
missing gaps in, but it's taking up a huge amount of space and we're
looking to clear some. I'm worried if we run a truncate on this huge CF
it'll end up locking up the cluster, but I don't care so much if it just
kills a single node.

Is doing something like deleting SSTables from disk possible? If I alter
this keyspace from an RF of 2 down to 1 and then delete them, they won't be
able to be repaired if I'm thinking this through right.


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