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From Michael Mior <>
Subject Re: Reg:- Cassandra Data modelling for Search
Date Mon, 12 Jun 2017 15:08:15 GMT
For queries 1-5 this seems like a potentially good use case for
materialized views. Create one table with the videos stored by ID and the
materialized views for each of the queries.

Michael Mior

2017-06-11 22:40 GMT-04:00 @Nandan@ <>:

> Hi,
> Currently, I am working on data modeling for Video Company in which we
> have different types of users as well as different user functionality.
> But currently, my concern is about Search video module based on different
> fields.
> Query patterns are as below:-
> 1) Select video by actor.
> 2) select video by producer.
> 3) select video by music.
> 4) select video by actor and producer.
> 5) select video by actor and music.
> Note: - In short, We want to establish an advanced search module by which
> we can search by anyway and get the desired results.
> During a search , we need partial search also such that if any user can
> search "Harry" title, then we are able to give them result as all videos
> whose
>  title contains "Harry" at any location.
> As per my ideas, I have to create separate tables such as video_by_actor,
> video_by_producer etc.. and implement solr query on all tables. Otherwise,
> is there any others way by which we can implement this search module
> effectively.
> Please suggest.
> Best regards,

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