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From Voytek Jarnot <>
Subject Migrating a cluster
Date Tue, 02 May 2017 01:02:03 GMT
Have a scenario where it's necessary to migrate a cluster to a different
set of hardware with minimal downtime. Setup is:

Current cluster: 4 nodes, RF 3
New cluster: 6 nodes, RF 3

My initial inclination is to follow this writeup on setting up the 6 new
nodes as a new DC:

Basically, set up new DC, nodetool rebuild on new nodes to instruct
Cassandra to migrate data, change client to hit new DC, kill original DC.

First question - is this the recommended way to migrate an in-use cluster
to new hardware?

Secondly, on the assumption that it is: That link gives the impression that
DC-aware clients will not hit the "remote" DC - is that the case for the
Java driver? We don't currently explicitly set PoolingOptions
ConnectionsPerHost for HostDistance.REMOTE to 0 - seems like that would be
an important thing to do?

Thank you.

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