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From Chris Stokesmore <>
Subject Partition range incremental repairs
Date Thu, 25 May 2017 15:18:24 GMT

We are running a 7 node Cassandra 2.2.8 cluster, RF=3, and had been running repairs with the
—pr option, via a cron job that runs on each node once per week.

We changed that as some advice on the Cassandra IRC channel said it would cause more anticompaction
and <>
says “Performing partitioner range repairs by using the -pr option is generally considered
a good choice for doing manual repairs. However, this option cannot be used with incremental
repairs (default for Cassandra 2.2 and later).

Only problem is our -pr repairs were taking about 8 hours, and now the non-pr repair are taking
24+ - I guess this makes sense, repairing 1/7 of data increased to 3/7, except I was hoping
to see a speed up after the first loop through the cluster as each repair will be marking
much more data as repaired, right?

Is running -pr with incremental repairs really that bad? 
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