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From Boris Babic <>
Subject Copy from CSV on OS X problem with varint values <= -2^63
Date Tue, 04 Apr 2017 09:02:34 GMT

On Apr 4, 2017, at 7:00 PM, Boris Babic <> wrote:


I’m testing the write of various datatypes on OS X for fun running cassandra 3.10 on a single
laptop instance, and from what i can see varint should map to java.math.BigInteger and have
no problems with Long.MIN_VALE , -9223372036854775808, but i can’t see what I’m doing

cqlsh: 5.0.1
cassandra 3.10
osx el capitan.



COPY (id,varint) FROM 'data.csv' WITH HEADER=true;

      Failed to make batch statement: Received an argument of invalid type for column "varint".
Expected: <class 'cassandra.cqltypes.IntegerType'>, Got: <type 'int'>; (descriptor
'bit_length' requires a 'int' object but received a 'long’)

If I directly type a similar insert in cqlsh no such problem occurs, in fact I can make the
value many orders of magnitude less and all is fine.

cqlsh> insert into (id,varint) values(1,-9223372036854775808898989898)

Had not observed this before on other OS, is this something todo with the way the copy from
parser is interpreting varint for values <= -2^63 ?

Thanks for any input

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