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From Luis Miguel <>
Subject Cassandra Cluster Doubts
Date Fri, 21 Apr 2017 12:26:46 GMT

I have three DC:

DC1 -> 3 nodes, Keyspace1:3
DC2 -> 3 nodes, Keyspace2:3
DCR1 -> 3 nodes,  Keyspace1:2, Keyspace2:2

now I am trying to add a new datacenter to the cluster:

DCR2-> 1 node (by now), Keyspace2:1 which network configuration can access to  DC2 and
DCR1 but it will never has access to DC1.

when I try to start the node in DCR2, it does everything right with Keyspace2...but Gossips
DCR1 and DC1... and crashes with RuntimeException because it can't move data consistently
from DC1 nodes (obviously I don't have network connection to those nodes from this datacenter)...
when I try to use -Dcassandra.consistent.rangemovement= false option ...It also crashes with
IllegalStateException: unable to find sufficient sources for streaming range......etc..etc..

It is possible to have that kind of topology in cassandra? I mean.. Can I have a cluster where
some datacenters will never "connect" other datacenters?

Thanks in advance!!!

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