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From Roland Otta <>
Subject Re: WriteTimeoutException with LWT after few milliseconds
Date Wed, 12 Apr 2017 14:48:34 GMT
Hi Benjamin,

its unlikely that i can assist you .. but nevertheless ... i give it a try ;-)

whats your consistency level for the insert?
what if one ore more nodes are marked down and proper consistency cant be achieved?
of course the error message does not indicate that problem (as it says its a timeout)... but
in that case you would get an instant error for inserts. wouldn't you?


On Wed, 2017-04-12 at 15:09 +0200, benjamin roth wrote:
Hi folks,

Can someone explain why that occurs?

Write timeout after 0.006s
Query: 'INSERT INTO log_moment_import ("source", "reference", "user_id", "moment_id", "date",
"finished") VALUES (3, '1305821272790495', 65675537, 0, '2017-04-12 13:00:51', NULL) IF NOT
Primary key and parition key is source + reference
Message: Operation timed out - received only 1 responses.

This appears every now and then in the log. When I check the for the record in the table,
it is there.
I could explain that, if the WTE occured after the configured write timeout but it happens
withing a few milliseconds.
Is this caused by lock contention? It is possible that there are concurrent inserts on the
same PK - actually thats the reason why I use LWTs.

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