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From Roland Otta <>
Subject cassandra node stops streaming data during nodetool rebuild
Date Fri, 07 Apr 2017 10:00:10 GMT

we are trying to setup a new datacenter and are initalizing the data
with nodetool rebuild.

after some hours it seems that the node stopped streaming (at least
there is no more streaming traffic on the network interface).

nodetool netstats shows that the streaming is still in progress

Bootstrap 6918dc90-1ad6-11e7-9f16-51230e2be4e9
Rebuild 41606030-1ad9-11e7-9f16-51230e2be4e9
        Receiving 257 files, 145444246572 bytes total. Already received
1 files, 1744027 bytes total
            bds/adcounter_total 76456/47310255 bytes(0%) received from
            bds/upselling_event 1667571/1667571 bytes(100%) received
from idx:0/
        Receiving 169 files, 79355302464 bytes total. Already received
1 files, 81585975 bytes total
            bds/ad_event_history 81585975/81585975 bytes(100%) received
from idx:0/
        Receiving 140 files, 19673034809 bytes total. Already received
1 files, 5996604 bytes total
            bds/adcounter_per_day 5956840/42259846 bytes(14%) received
from idx:0/
            bds/user_event 39764/39764 bytes(100%) received from
Read Repair Statistics:
Attempted: 0
Mismatch (Blocking): 0
Mismatch (Background): 0
Pool Name                    Active   Pending      Completed   Dropped
Large messages                  n/a         2              3         0
Small messages                  n/a         0       68632465         0
Gossip messages                 n/a         0         217661         0

it is in that state for approx 15 hours now

does it make sense waiting for the streaming to finish or do i have to
restart the node, discard data and restart the rebuild?
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