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From I PVP <>
Subject Re: /etc/init.d/cassandra for RHEL
Date Wed, 29 Mar 2017 12:28:42 GMT
This one worked fine

On March 29, 2017 at 2:17:17 AM, I PVP (<>) wrote:

i tried using the
won’t start using my own values and it is not generating logs  at all.

had you ever saw this behavior before?

JAVA_HOME is properly set
the user and group cassandra exist
cassandra:cassandra  is the owner of the /opt/cassandra/*

export CASSANDRA_HOME=/opt/cassandra
export CASSANDRA_CONF=/opt/cassandra/conf
export CASSANDRA_INCLUDE=/opt/cassandra/bin/
export CASSANDRA_OWNR=cassandra

it starts only by doing  "sudo /opt/cassandra/bin/cassandra -fR”

thanks for your help


On March 29, 2017 at 12:57:50 AM, Michael Shuler (<>)

On 03/28/2017 10:53 PM, Michael Shuler wrote:
> On 03/28/2017 09:36 PM, I PVP wrote:
>> any recommend /etc/init.d/cassandra for RHEL when installing it from
>> apache-cassandra-3.10-bin.tar.gz ?
>> i goggled it but could not find anything that seems to be "proven"

That was probably a little too brief. The paths will need to be
modified, if you are running from a tarball. Easier would be to build
the rpm packages and install - see the in the redhat directory:

Check out the release tag you want, `git checkout cassandra-3.10` for
example, and build the rpms. This will install the init for your and put
all the pieces in the expected places.

Kind regards,
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