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From Artur R <>
Subject COPY FROM performance
Date Tue, 14 Mar 2017 13:23:11 GMT

I am trying to increase performance of COPY FROM by installing "*Cython
<> and libev
<> C extensions"* as
described here:

My steps are as the following:

   1. Install Cassandra 3.10, start it, add keyspace and table

   2. Install C Extensions:
   sudo apt-get install gcc python-dev

   3. Don't install Cython because as far as I understand it ships with C*
   3 by default on step 1), so skip it

   4. Install libev:
   sudo apt-get install libev4 libev-dev

   5. Reinstall C* driver (because as far as I understand it shipped with
   C* on step 1):
   sudo pip install cassandra-driver


   7. cqlsh to node and try COPY FROM

And after all these steps above performance of COPY FROM is the same as
I tested it with single node cluster and with multiple nodes cluster - it
doesn't impact on performance.
However, I see that COPY FROM is CPU bounded on my machines, so these steps
should definitely increase the performance.

The question: what I did wrong? Maybe some step is missed.
How to check that COPY FROM really uses "*Cython
<> and libev
<> C extensions"* ?

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