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From Kant Kodali <>
Subject Re: scylladb
Date Sun, 12 Mar 2017 10:48:30 GMT
> If you have thread-per-core and N (logical) cores, and have M tasks
> running concurrently where M > N, then you need a scheduler to decide which
> of those M tasks gets to run on those N kernel threads.  Whether those M
> tasks are user-level threads, or callbacks, or a mix of the two is
> immaterial.  In such cases a scheduler always exists, even if it is a
> simple FIFO queue.

> yes ofcourse scheduler is needed. But what you said is immaterial is where
> I see the devil or say our conflict of arguments really are. Let the kernel
> thread per core deal with callbacks rather than having to build a
> user-level thread library and its scheduling mechanisms and the mapping
> between them. This sounds more of an overhead in general but may work in a
> specific case.

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