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From Rajath Subramanyam <>
Subject SSTable Ancestors information in Cassandra 3.0.x
Date Thu, 23 Mar 2017 21:00:17 GMT
Hello Cassandra-Users and Cassandra-dev,

One of the handy features in sstablemetadata that was part of Cassandra
2.1.15 was that it displayed Ancestor information of an SSTable. Here is a
sample output of the sstablemetadata tool with the ancestors information in
C* 2.1.15:
[centos@chen-datos test1-b83746000fef11e7bdfc8bb2d6662df7]$ sstablemetadata
ks3-test1-ka-2-Statistics.db | grep "Ancestors"
Ancestors: [1]
[centos@chen-datos test1-b83746000fef11e7bdfc8bb2d6662df7]$

However, the same tool in Cassandra 3.0.x no longer gives us that
information. Here is a sample output of the sstablemetadata grepping for
Ancestors information in C* 3.0 (the output is empty since it is no longer
[centos@rj-cassandra-1 elsevier1-ab7389f0fafb11e6ac23e7ccf62f494b]$
sstablemetadata mc-5-big-Statistics.db | grep "Ancestors"
[centos@rj-cassandra-1 elsevier1-ab7389f0fafb11e6ac23e7ccf62f494b]$

My question, how can I get this information in C* 3.0.x ?

Thank you !


Rajath Subramanyam

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