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From Shannon Carey <>
Subject ONE has much higher latency than LOCAL_ONE
Date Tue, 21 Mar 2017 19:07:08 GMT
I am seeing unexpected behavior: consistency level ONE increases read latency 99th percentile
to ~108ms (95th percentile to 5ms-90ms) up from ~5ms (99th percentile) when using LOCAL_ONE.

I am using DSE 5.0 with Datastax client 3.0.0. The client is configured with a TokenAwarePolicy
wrapping a DCAwareRoundRobinPolicy with usedHostsPerRemoteDc set to a very high number. Cassandra
cluster has two datacenters.

I would expect that when the cluster is operating normally (all local nodes reachable), ONE
would behave the same as LOCAL_ONE. The  Does anyone know why this is not the case?
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