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From Romain Hardouin <>
Subject Re: AWS NVMe i3 instances performances
Date Wed, 01 Mar 2017 17:29:52 GMT
Thanks for your feedback Daemeon!I'm a disappointed and I hope that some system settings will
allow to leverage NVMe :-/What i3 instances did you benchmarked?Did you have a "preview access"
to i3? Or was it available in a specific region before the announcement?

    Le Mercredi 1 mars 2017 17h44, daemeon reiydelle <> a écrit :

 We did. Found that, even with (CentOS, Ubuntu both for application compatibility reasons)
that there is somewhat less IO and better CPU throughput at the price point. At the time my
optimization work for that client ended, Amazon was looking at the IO issue, as perhaps the
frame configurations needed further optimization. this was 2 months ago. A very superficial
(no kernel tuning) done last month seems to indicate the same tradeoffs. Testing was performed
in both cases with C* stress tool and with CI test suites. Does this help?


Daemeon C.M. Reiydelle
USA (+1) 415.501.0198
London (+44) (0) 20 8144 9872

On Wed, Mar 1, 2017 at 3:30 AM, Romain Hardouin <> wrote:

Hi all,
AWS launched i3 instances few days ago*. NVMe SSDs seem very promising!
Did someone already benchmark an i3 with Cassandra? e.g. i2 vs i3If yes, with which OS and
kernel version?Did you make any system tuning for NVMe? e.g. PCIe IRQ? etc.
We plan to make some benchmarks but Debian is not listed as a supported OS so we have to upgrade
our kernel and see if it works :PHere is what we have in mind for the time being:* OS: Debian*
Kernel: v4.9* IRQ: try several configurationsAlso I would like to compare performances between
our Debian AMI and a standard AWS Linux AMI.
[*] blogs/aws/now-available-i3- instances-for-demanding-io- intensive-applications/

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