I believe that this talk from Christopher Batey at the Cassandra Summit 2016 might answer most of your questions around LWT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcxQM3ZN20c

He explains a lot of stuff including consistency considerations. My understanding is that the quorum read can only see the data written using LWT after the commit phase. A SERIAL Read would see it (video, around 23:40).

Here are the slides as well: http://fr.slideshare.net/DataStax/light-weight-transactions-under-stress-christopher-batey-the-last-pickle-cassandra-summit-2016

Let us know if you still have questions after watching this (about 35 minutes).

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2017-02-01 10:57 GMT+01:00 Kant Kodali <kant@peernova.com>:
When you initiate a LWT(write) and do a QUORUM read is there a chance that one might not see the LWT write ? If so, can someone explain a bit more?