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From Kant Kodali <>
Subject Attached profiled data but need help understanding it
Date Mon, 27 Feb 2017 10:32:38 GMT

Attached are the stats of my Cassandra node running on a 4-core CPU. I am
using sjk-plus tool for the first time so what are the things I should
watched out for in my attached screenshot? I can see the CPU is almost
maxed out but should I say that is because of compaction or
shared-worker-pool threads (which btw, I dont know what they are doing
perhaps I need to take threadump)? Also what is alloc for each thread?

I have a insert heavy workload (almost like an ingest running against
cassandra cluster) and in my case all writes are LWT.

The current throughput is 1500 writes/sec where each write is about 1KB.
How can I tune something for a higher throughput? Any pointers or
suggestions would help.

Thanks much,

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