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From "Nethi, Manoj" <>
Subject Using Hostname in Seed_Provider
Date Wed, 25 Jan 2017 19:46:16 GMT

According to the documentation
seed_provider <>
The addresses of hosts designated as contact points in the cluster. A joining node contacts
one of the nodes in the -seeds list to learn the topology of the ring.
*         class_name (Default:org.apache.cassandra.locator.SimpleSeedProvider)

The class within Cassandra that handles the seed logic. It can be customized, but this is
typically not required.
*         - seeds (Default:
A comma-delimited list of IP addresses used by gossip<>
for bootstrapping new nodes joining a cluster. If your cluster includes multiple nodes, you
must change the list from the default value to the IP address of one of the nodes.

1.    Does this work if the seeds value is a list of hostname instead of IP address ? consider
that we make the listen and broadcast address of the seeds as hostname instead of IP address

2.    If we use hostname and ever the IP address of that server changes will it still work
the same and all the system tables like peers etc gets updated with the new IP address ? Or
do we need to restart the node with the new IP address etc?


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