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From Anshu Vajpayee <>
Subject Re: Help
Date Sun, 15 Jan 2017 17:32:07 GMT
​Setup is not on cloud. We have  few nodes in one  DC(1) and same number of
nodes in other DC(2). We have dedicated firewall in-front on nodes.

Read and write happen with local quorum so those dont get affected but
hints get accumulated from one DC to other DC for replications. Hints are
also getting timed out sporadically in logs.

describe cluster didn't show any error , but in some case it was taking
longer time.

On Sun, Jan 15, 2017 at 3:01 AM, Aleksandr Ivanov <> wrote:

> Could you share a bit your cluster setup? Do you use cloud for your
> deployment or dedicated firewalls in front of nodes?
> If gossip shows that everything is up it doesn't mean that all nodes can
> communicate with each other. I have noticed situations when TCP connection
> was killed by firewall and Cassandra didn't reconnect automatically. It can
> be easily detected with nodetool describecluster command.
> Aleksandr
>  shows - all nodes are up.
>> But when  we perform writes , coordinator stores the hints. It means  -
>> coordinator was not able to deliver the writes to few nodes after meeting
>> consistency requirements.
>> The nodes for which  writes were failing, are in different DC. Those
>> nodes do not have any load.
>> Gossips shows everything is up.  I already set write timeout to 60 sec,
>> but no help.
>> Can anyone encounter this scenario ? Network side everything is fine.
>> Cassandra version is 2.1.13
>> --
>> *Regards,*
>> *Anshu *

*Anshu *

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